Everyone has the right to sit as you please. It is a philosophy that we have followed since its inception in 1945 when we designed our first office chair.

Through the years, this has evolved into a concept called "Beyond ergonomics" but all you need to do is sit down. Our chairs make the rest of the job. That's what Savo is all about. Enjoy the difference.

SAVO Insights

The fixed workstation disappears in an increasingly fast-paced society and is replaced with more flexible ways of working where we work where we do it best based on activity at hand and situation. This places new demands on both furniture design and office furnishings.

All trends are moving towards more activity based ways of working with many different users of the same chair during the day. This requires chairs with simple and few adjustment needs so that the chairs fit all.

This is how we think at Savo.

SAVO and the environment

Respect for the environment in general is an important criteria when it comes to all product development and all other company activities. Savo products make use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials and resource friendly methods of production. Products are developed with long technical endurance and we work with environmental improvements continually.

EPD - Environmental Product Declaration
The market demand for environmental declarations for products is increasing. Life cycle analysis (LCA) is an international tool for measuring the environmental impact of a product or service. The intention is to quantify the environmental impact measured in CO2-equivalents. The LCA is the basis for the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and the EPD is made according to the ISO 14025. Savo has verified EPD for most models.