At EFG, we’re proud of what we do. Because we know that a good physical working environment is important both for employee well-being and for creating long-term results. Our focus is sustainable products inspired by Scandinavian design. Products that have been carefully tested to maintain high quality levels. Furniture that facilitates more intelligent ways of working, meeting and socialising. Every working day.

Design Philosophy

EFG designs products with minimalist contruction, versatile functionality and long lifecycles. Furniture where the quality, function and style mean that it needn’t be replaced but can be updated over time.


EFG’s history begins with an ambitious manufacturer of rib-backed chairs in Tranås, Småland, in the late 1800s. 135 years later, we are a furniture manufacturer with thousands of products in our range and hundreds of resellers all over the world.


At EFG, we strive in all situations to reduce our environmental impact and to use materials, energy and resources in an effective and climate-smart way.

Quality & Testing

EFG’s furniture is of high quality and should be safe for both the environment and people. Consequently, the products are tested in EFG’s accredited testing laboratory.