Bebó Objects - Crossing borders between outside and inside



Bebó Objects is a Swedish brand founded in 2022. It is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand that designs well-thought-out furniture and interior design to cross the borders between inside and outside and add value and fun to everyday life. The furniture exudes timelessness and quality in the hope of passing it on to future generations. Furniture that lasts contributes to sustainability, but at Bebó Objects they are also actively trying to reduce the impact of their work on our planet.  


"We want to challenge the vision of when and how outdoor spaces are used in our constantly changing climate. That way, we extend the outdoor season and the product life cycle," says Mattias Karlsson - CEO of Bebó Objects.  


"We created Bebó Objects to offer products with interesting expression and serenity, to bring character and functionality to any environment, outdoors or indoors. Adding flexibility and freedom to each product makes it more user-friendly and valuable. Minimalist lines and carefully selected materials make it possible to slow down, breathe, meet and find peace - a new yet ancient and precious quality in everyday life."