PHOLC - Introducing two exciting additions to the Apollo family

Apollo is a classic collection that embodies the essence of the Pholc brand: simple yet expressive. With a composition that alludes to mass and weight, the lamps are made from a solid piece of machine-turned brass or aluminium. 


Maja Norburg, Creative Director at Pholc:

”With the new additions, the Apollo family become even more versatile for diverse interior projects. I can see the Apollo Zero gracefully suspended over workstations in co-working spaces. Moreover, the directional flexibility of the Apollo 14 wall lamp, be it upward or downward, further elevates the ambience of any space.”


The Apollo collection is designed by creative collaborators Broberg & Ridderstråle. For the new pendant, Apollo Zero, they returned to the initial principle of a singular conical shape. It reflects a dense geometry, suspended only by its own weight. Minimalistic and sophisticated. This pendant is a natural progression from its larger sibling, the Apollo 59.


The introduction of the new wall lamp presented the designers with a unique challenge: creating a wall mount that would seamlessly complement the lamp’s distinctive conical shape. They aimed to marry the characteristic conical shape with a sleek, geometric form, serving as the wall mount. They devoted considerable attention to the detailing of where these two shapes converge, ensuring the creation of a harmo- nious lamp design. 


The new Apollo Zero and Apollo 14 is available in stock. As is the updated colour options for Apollo 59.