Twine by Heymat - A contemporary take on a traditional favourite


Bringing a delicate dash of pattern and colour to any home, these latest additions take their inspiration from the shapes and fibres found in the natural world. “Twine is freer and more organic than a regular doormat, and after living through years of restrictions, I wanted to produce something that celebrated this reconnection,” says Kristine. 


Thanks to its uniquely shaped border the final design twists and dances; it feels almost alive. It’s a subtle reminder every time you pass by the doorstep that there’s something tangible and tactile to discover.”


Available in subtle shades of green, grey and beige, Twine is part of the Heymat+ range. This growing selection of sustainably produced, high-quality and highly absorbent mats, have been created with weather resistance and everyday resilience in mind.


Perfect for use both inside and outdoors, their three-dimensional PET surface provides a good scraping effect, trapping in dirt, moisture and grime. While the anti-slip SBR rubber backing, ensures the mat always stays firmly in place, and that the floor surface beneath remains dry.