Botanic by Bolon - Colours for every creation




As a collection, the new Botanic has a clear identity, with colours that provide more combination possibilities, both within the collection, and with other items in Bolon’s product portfolio.


The collection consists of 12 colours and the new added products to Botanic are:

Blanche – a creamy and mild, sophisticated softness
 – a caramel golden, new type of beige
Chestnut – an intriguing kind of brownness
Canyon – a reddish-brown tone 
Vintage – a soft and dark blue
Rain – a refined blue toned colour
Spearmint – a fresh and nourishing, brightening colour
Library – a green classic

Botanic is made in Sweden only with renewable energy, contains recycled material, is easy to maintain, has a high-performance classification 32 General commercial and a 10-year warranty.