Heymat Loom

In collaboration with renowned designers, Heymat has created a versatile design world that constantly surprises with new styles. The latest project, Loom, comes from the studio of design duo Vera & Kyte from Norwegian Bergen. Loom is the third collection they have created for Heymat.


The new Loom collection is inspired by the influential Bauhaus school, which continues to inspire design lovers worldwide with its straightforward simplicity and unique color scheme. 


Interpreting the designs of two female Bauhaus pioneers' graph paper sketches, Vera & Kyte created two doormat designs that allude to the intricate layers of a textile weave pattern. The geometric composition is an abstraction of a woven thread structure and the rhythmic movement of a mechanical loom. The designs play with two different color schemes – a bold blue and a warm brick tone to suit a multitude of interior atmospheres and spaces.