virusfree meetings

To allow people to meet and work again without having to worry about being infected with virusses, Finish specialist Vetrospace launches a new series of acoustic pods with dual ecosystems and controlled air flow systems.

One space, two eco systems

We devide one pod into 2 compartments, separated by a glass wall. Each side is equipped with HEPA 13 air filtration. The glass wall can be fitted with an access hatch with an air vacuum channel placed on both sides. The technology allows peaple to meet live without physical contact or the risk of being infected.

Dual compartment meeting spaces are an excellent solution when personal and confidential matters need to be discussed. Exemples include banks, pharmacies, insurance companies, offices, police stations, car dealerships etc.

One-person service pods

For briefer interactions, we developped the one-person service pod with HEPA 13 air ventilation. Because of the positive air pressure level, an open access hatch can be used. The smallest one-person service pod measures 1,1 x 1,1 meters.

Meeting spaces for larger groups

For larger groups, we have developed the safe 4-8 person meeting space. The pod is equipped with 2 or 4 access points and the furniture is fitted with an air extraction channel at each station. A glass shield protects against the spread of respiratory droplets. Ventilation is equipped with HEPA 13 filtration.

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