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Many pod manufacturers still state their soundproofing levels as Rw. This is quite misleading as Rw is meant for single elements, like roofs, walls, windows, etc.

In the case of using Rw values for pods, all the elements would have to share the same performance, but as you know, there are many factors affecting the performance of different elements like ventilation, materials, door structures, etc.

As the pod's consist of six different elements, walls, floor, and ceiling, they would need a completely new measuring standard to tell the truth about their real-world soundproofing performance. Such a standard hasn't existed until now.

We are proud and happy to tell that our long-term acoustic partner, Mr. Valtteri Hongisto from Polytechnic School of Turku Finland and his project groups of professionals has entered the third and final stage of getting the ISO FDIS 23351-1 accepted.

Our GROUPSPACE products reach performance levels of STI: 0.03 - Ds: 32dB. Definitely market-leading levels, no guesswork required.

This standard, meant for phone booths and office pods is now commercially available and it can be freely applied by test laboratories globally.


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