Happy New Year!

I wish you
an endless list of dreams
and the furious desire
to make some of them come true
I wish you
to love what must be loved
and to forget what must be forgotten
I wish you passions
I wish you silences
I wish you bird songs at dawn
and children’s laughter
I wish you to respect
people’s differences
because the value and merit of each
often remains to be discovered
I wish you to refuse
a stalemate or the indifference
and negative virtues of our time
and I wish you
never to renounce
the search, adventure, life, love
because life is an incredible adventure
and no reasonable human being
must renounce it
without putting up a tough fight
I wish you most of all
to be yourself, proud and happy
because happiness is our true destiny


Jacques Brel – 01.01.1968

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