Artisan by Bolon - Colours for every heartbeat
08. September 2022
In September Bolon expands the Artisan collection with 10 new colours — vibrating, energetic and alert. A combination of characters presenting play and drama ready to move you.

Botanic by Bolon - Colours for every creation
08. September 2022
In September Bolon introduce 8 new colours to Botanic, a Bolon icon. The collection is characterized by a soft and warm expression with intelligence in the tones, the colours transcend what first meets the eye.

Turner 50 by Pholc – Elegantly contradicting  softness
07. September 2022
Inspired by astronomy, geometry and craftsmanship, the Turner pendant creates a sophisticated soft mood. The smallest in the family, the Turner 50, opens new possibilities for hallways, bedrooms, or as a natural element in a Turner constellation – side by side with its larger sibling. The Turner 50 is a handmade, eye pleasing pendant lamp with an ever-changing appearance.

Hex by Heymat - For small entries
06. September 2022
In september 2022, Heymat launches the new Hex mat, designed in collaboration with the renowned furniture and product designer Lars Tornøe. Hex is a doormat specially designed for smaller rooms and aimes at the growing need for “compact living.”

EFG launches Hybe
05. September 2022
EFG presents Hybe, its adaptable seating designed in collaboration with the Form Us With Love design studio. Hybe has been launched in the EFG showrooms during the Stockholm Design Week of September.

Heymat launches Wildlife - a playful children's collection
18. August 2022
Heymat launches its first children's collection - Wildlife. The collection is designed by Vera & Kyte and consists of three different patterns: Frog, Bird and Lynx, inspired by Nordic fauna.

Egoé at Design Museum Brussels
17. August 2022
Egoé and hippOffice are delighted to invite you to the opening of the exhibition 'Design and Transformation. Czech Design Stories 1990-2020'.

Vetrospace - Update website
05. August 2022
The Vetrospace website has gone through a little refresher: it looks even better than before!

EFG launches the Sela stool and Continue table for better meetings
20. May 2022
EFG presents Sela and Continue, new products designed in collaboration with Norwegian design duo Berg & Hindenes. The simple, stylish furniture helps create better meetings for everyone in any setting and for any purpose.

Romb Mini by Pholc
26. April 2022
Introducing Romb Mini. The first rechargeable lamp by Pholc. Design by Broberg & Ridderstråle.

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